Pampering & Well-being

Enjoy being pampered during your stay by professional beauticians!

We’re delighted to offer you and your party the services of professional beauticians here at Belle Grove meaning you can enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating treatments in the comfort of your holiday environment.

Glo-pamper is a luxurious and truly indulgent beauty therapy service delivering 5* quality treatments  to guests staying in holiday retreats across the UK. It delivers a range of affordable Spa To You Packages which are perfect for family or friend get-togethers, romantic weekends or much needed 'me' time! On request, we can supply further details on pricing or you can email them for more information/to book treatments at  or call 0207 096 0385.

We have also partnered with Niroshini to become one of only two ‘Special Retreats’. Niroshini offers cosmetic acupuncture (non-surgical face lift procedures) and holistic treatments as part of all-women Transformative Retreats to include treatments, Qi Gong classes, crystal healing sessions and much else. What’s more, a private chef provides Ayurvedic “balancing” meals. Detailed information here “A must-do for any group of women looking to invest in themselves with something completely unique, nourishing and transformative.” (Danielle Stewart, journalist/reviewer)

We can ALSO provide details of  excellent local beauticians & hairdressers who can attend you at your holiday home. Please do ask!

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