Dogs - With or Without

We welcome well-behaved (that is, quiet, obedient & house-trained!) dogs who bring their own clean dog blankets and don’t get onto beds and chairs! That said, if you don’t have a dog and are concerned about staying in a place that accepts them – all we can say is, don’t worry, we are assiduous in cleaning and you won’t be aware that there has been a pet in the place.

“I am allergic to dogs but the staff do such a thorough cleaning job, I had no reactions”

Please note that there is a supplemental charge of  £10 per night per dog.  

For the benefit of future guests, we do ask that dogs are kept to the living area only and – especially – are not allowed onto furniture or beds. Please bring a Dog Basket and/or blanket. We supply one dog-drinking bowl. If you habitually allow your dog upstairs to sleep or into your bedroom, please think whether Belle Grove is suitable for you as we cannot allow dogs onto beds (where they will very likely go if they can access the bedrooms). Another point is noise. If your dog is inclined to be ‘yappy’ it may well disturb other guests on site so we respectfully suggest that Belle Grove is not a suitable environment.

Additional ‘Doggie Notes’ are provided via the Welcome App.

“Even our dogs (a Wolfhound & a Chihuahua) have been as relaxed and happy as we have”

There’s good dog-walking in the immediate vicinity including the perimeter of a large field at the back which comes in handy for necessary constitutionals. Details of dog-friendly beaches, pubs etc. can be found in the properties.

“As new dog owners we are very impressed with how ‘dog friendly’ Suffolk is”

Each property has a secure garden although very tiny dogs might be able to squeeze through the railings along one side of the Coach House garden.

NOTE: The beach at Southwold is closed to dogs between May & October but the promenade may be used of course and there are plenty of other beaches that are open to dogs all year round. Restrictions are as advertised on the following sites:                 

Extract from our Terms & Conditions as relates to pets:-

* Pets must be notified on the Booking Application.

* Dogs must be under proper supervision and control at all times.

* A pet basket must be brought as pets are only permitted on the clear understanding that in no circumstances may they lie on the bedding or chairs.

* Pets must not be left unattended in the property or elsewhere.

* In the interests of visitor safety it is regretted that the following dogs are not accepted: American Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Brasileiro & Dogo Argentino even where these dogs are muzzled.

* Pet owners are responsible for clearing up any fouling that occurs in the gardens or grounds.

Thanks for your co-operation!

By the way, the semi-feral farm cats can look after themselves!!

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