Communications with the outside world

Wi-fi broadband:

We have invested in a radio-transmitted broadband system that is not reliant on telephone lines. WiFi is hard wired to each property and provides a faster speed and broader bandwidth.

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The properties do not have a landline. As the owners live on site, guests who are worried about making or receiving an urgent call are able to use an extension of the owner’s private landline located in a convenient spot and available 24/7.

Mobile signals:

The signal can be a bit erratic (depends to some extent on your network) indoors but a decent signal can be found in the grounds specially on our ’specially-constructed-from-telegraph-poles and slightly tongue-in-cheek ‘Signal Hill’,  pictured right… Many guests make use of internet services like Skype, Facetime etc. and apps that allow calls are avaiable for modern smartphones.


As for snowy conditions – between them, the authorities and local farmers seem to keep the main highways  open save in the most extreme conditions (which applies rarely) and we keep the track from the road to the Barns negotiable. So don’t let the thought of snow put you off!

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