the sky at night part 1

By dint of regular mowing and thistle-clearing, we’ve been working on making an acre of grass at the back of the properties into a user-friendly space for ball-games and general messing about. Then we realised we’d need a store for crickets bats & balls, etc. so one thing led to another and Nick got going on one of his famous constructions:

This time it’s a sort-of ‘Shepherd’s Hut’ knocked together from old lengths of timber, rusting corrugated iron,  lorry decking and incorporating  a couple of old doors and windows.  ‘Distressed’ is the word. Sound weird? No, it’ll be a lovely space made cosy by a wood stove and squashy old armchairs. It’ll not only be useful for storing croquet sets, cricket gear etc, but tailor-made for star-gazing (telescope to be provided).  The sweep of the Suffolk sky on our northern side  produces  amazing spectacle (when there’s no cloud cover of course!) as those of you who saw the meteor showers in August will know. Watch this space!

IMG_1075 (2)

pic as of last week!