The raw milk revolution in Suffolk

Must tell you about Fen Farm Dairy, only a few miles away. The young couple who own it sell unpasteurised milk from the farm gate and were the very first UK farm to install a Raw Milk Vending Machine (now showing at the V & A as part of the “Food, bigger than the plate’ exhibition. They went on to develop the famous Baron Bigod brie-type cheese (served at Prince Harry’s pre-wedding breakfast) and cultured butter. They’ve won all sorts of farming  and business awards, were voted 1 of the 12 Best Cheeses in The Independent and one of the storyline threads on The Archers is even based on how they used Montbelliarde cows to provide the milk for the new cheese!

So here’s your chance  to pop up and collect some of their delicious products or buy the cheese or butter from many deli counters (including at Neals Yard and various other classy outlets in London) !