Hello everyone out there especially past guests. This is Jo speaking. Wearing my hat as a member of the local Tourism Group, I am involved in commissioning a brand new website from professional designers. This is to cover the area of  the Blyth Valley, being the basin of the river from its source 17 miles inland to its outfall at Southwold/Walberswick).

To stand out from the run of the mill visitor sites, we want it to be really strong on visuals. Whilst we do have some excellent images already, we’re  interested in more, especially those that have an unusual take on things. Where to find?

Then a ‘lightbulb’ moment! I know that lots of our guests take photographs when out and about.  That means there is a potentially amazing resource out there and would therefore like to invite you to submit any images that you think suitable. But anyone who loves photographing aspects of the area is welcome to submit images.

We are looking for atmospheric/moody landscape shots (with or without people), interesting cameos, buildings, general quirkiness, wildlife images including birds and anything else you think could work either as a main image (there will be 6 sliding images on the landing page) or other.  They would need to be in fairly high res but can be submitted in low res.

If your photograph is selected (by the committee) as the ‘winner’, what’s in it for you? Well, how about a short break for two at Belle Grove (off season and not during any hols I’m afraid).  If you’re not named as  overall winner but you agree that your image can  be used nevertheless, you would be credited on the website and a link to your own website if you have one. Oh, the honour and the glory!

We’re putting a time limit of 20th October on competition submissions but feel free to send images at any time. The overall geographical extent is interpreted quite generously.

Send to

Don’t be shy.  If you’re not sure send it anyway as it may well be usable…