COVID Protection & Procedures

We have always operated a scrupulous cleaning regime and practised self check-ins but to achieve safe re-opening, we have been working with organisations such as Visit England and other professional organisation toward cross-industry protective measures for both guests and staff. It is expected that an industry-standard certification (yet to be announced) will ensure rigorous standards on hygiene and disinfection procedures.

In the meantime and following government guidelines  :

  • Our cleaning staff wear PPE (disposable gloves, masks and gowns).
  • They use hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Once a surface is clean of dust, grease and dust, the surface is sprayed with disinfectant and wiped using a fresh cloth.
  • Special attention is paid to frequently touched surfaces eg light switches, remote controls, taps, thermostats, hairdryers, keys, doorknobs & handles, ironing boards & irons, hangers, cleaning appliances, bins, kitchen appliances, condiments, high chairs et cetera.
  • Hands are washed thoroughly immediately after removing gloves and again before leaving the property.
  • We utilise a professional laundry for bedlinen and towels.
  • Like many rural properties, there is no mains drainage so we rely on a septic tank. Bleach-based products, usually used for dealing with the virus,  are highly unsuitable as they can destroy the chemical balance in the tank – with unpleasant results!  Therefore we will provide suitable cleaning and washing materials for your use ie those containing safe alternatives to bleach such as Peracetic Acid or Oxygen Bleach.
  • Please do not use anti-bacterial soaps for the same reason. We provide starter toiletries and if you bring your own, please ensure they are eco-friendly.
  • We ensure that the properties are stocked with paper towels, tissues and sanitiser.

    Where possible, other measures to reduce risk will be taken. For example, guest information information is to be given digitally.