A Fiery Night

SO lucky on Saturday night. Rain and wind having lashed Suffolk and our back field all day, by the time we ventured out to put Sam, our new wave Guy Fawkes, on the bonfire, the sky had cleared and the stars shining. A perfect night for fires and fireworks. As always, Belle Grove’s resident guests were welcome along, wellies the order of the day.

As can be seen, Sam (made by friends Brian* & Bernie, the  first guests at Stable End Cottage, predecessor to Belle Grove Barns) had a distinctly Mexican Day of the Dead look.

IMG_4103 (1) SB2_7188

The redundant tax papers with which he was stuffed went up a treat….a fitting end.SB2_7219Bonfire Night is such a good excuse for getting rid all the scrap wood collected through the year (and quaff mulled wine brewed on the stove in the Shepherd’s Hut).

Belle Grove 11As ever, the Catherine Wheels didn’t work properly but neighbour Shaun set up the rockets beautifully. (Ours is a very ‘back garden’ affair in comparison to modern firework ‘displays’) SB2_7253SB2_7255SB2_7263SB2_7318_BRB4099

* Brian is responsible for many of these photographs as well as many on the website. http://bbphoto.me