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We’re ‘Good to Go’ says VisitEngland

              This is what we are doing to ensure that you have a great and, importantly, safe stay at Belle Grove

Firstly, we are ensuring that the property that you have booked will be cleaned and sanitised to the Covid Ready Guidelines from PASC UK and Visit England as mentioned in the previous post.

On arrival, the property will be open and ready for you and the cleaned keys will be inside.  Please try not to arrive before 1600 hours so that we can complete the enhanced cleaning under the new protocols.

The Suffolk countryside will still be available for you to roam and play, in a socially distanced way!

What we are asking you to do to help us ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

We ask that you socially distance from other guests please, especially relevant with small children.

We would ask that you minimise asking us to enter the building during your stay. If, for example, an appliance doesn’t work, we’ll try and sort it out at arm’s length in the first instance.

We will need you to provide, names, telephone numbers and email addresses of everyone in the party, so that we can pass this onto the NHS if it is required. This information will not be used for any other purpose.

And a Reminder: If you show any signs of having the virus then you must immediately get tested . The result must be shown to us. If positive, you and all members of your party will need to leave. If that is absolutely not possible and you have no option but to self-isolate here, then we are afraid that you will be have to pay for all bookings that have to be cancelled as a result. See Terms & Conditions.

Welcome Back! Be Reassured!

We’re very happy to be allowed to welcome guests again as from 4th July.

However we are not opening our doors willy-nilly! New protocol is to be applied for the safety of guests and our cleaning staff. We have been involved on the periphery of compiling the new regulations through PASC (Professional Association of Self-Caterers) who have been working hand in hand with VisitEngland. We are actively applying for VE’s just released ‘We’re Good to Go’ Certification. This has involved a complex Risk Assessment and adopting rigorous new standards of hygiene and disinfection.

Those of you who have visited before will know that we have always followed a scrupulous cleaning regime but now we must follow new guidelines for the cleaning of non-healthcare environments particularly where there is less than 72 hours between occupations. Amongst other things, this means our team will utilise disposable gloves and aprons and follow new working practices such as applying hospital grade virucidal to surfaces after the first general clean, ensuring that all kitchen equipment is thoroughly washed and paying particular attention to touch points such as door handles, knobs, taps, hangers, keys et cetera.

A consequence is that cleaning will take much longer and therefore we have had to move the arrival time from 3pm to 4pm. Also departure from10am to 9.30. We understand that this can be inconvenient but it is the only way to fit it all in.

More detail is available on our new Information/Welcome App made available to guests on booking but we are more than happy to provide further particulars on request.