Monthly Archives: May 2018

Africa Retrospective Pt. 1

We post occasional Retrospectives on social media being a series of photos from our days running Trans Africa Overland trips. Not exactly ‘News’ we admit but we’ll include a few here from time to time as not everyone uses Instagram or Facebook.

These particular shots (sorry about quality) were all taken in the 1990’s at a time the only trans-Sahara route was to follow the Moroccan/Mauteanian coast – literally drivng along the dune-lined beach all day to avoid being cornered by the incoming Atlantic tide.


Read all about it  in African Approaches: roads to a far-off place

Maharajah tent

Some time ago we acquired a pre-loved ‘Maharajah’ tent with the idea of making it available to guests who’d like to hold some sort of celebrations here. It’s taken a year to get round to try erecting it (no instructions) only to discover missing parts. However we hope to solve that fairly soon and will signal when it’s ready. In the meantime here’s a preview…

Doggie Days

It’s not only people that like to holiday here – these dogs are having a fine ol’ time….

And couldn’t resist this……..!

Note:  main resorts like Southwold ban dogs on beaches between April and October but there are plenty of other nearby beaches where dogs are free to run.