Monthly Archives: March 2018

Salvage Hunters & Chinese movie

You may remember that Salvage Hunters filmed here in January. The result now forms part of Episode 5 of the current series 12.

Other excitement?  This month, Belle Grove was used as a location for a 2 day shoot of scenes in a feature film for the Chinese equivalent of Netflix. As it is in Chinese we doubt we’ll ever see it but it would be nice if we could, as it used many iconic Suffolk locales such as Somerleyton, Blythburgh Church, Southwold Pier, Rendlesham Forest and so on. The house was crammed with 20 or so crew, making it very tricky to get ‘behind the scenes’ shots but here’s a few to give the flavour.


Announcing our Game of Dragons

We’ve come up with a new wheeze. On account of the fact that there is an unmistakeable dragon squatting on our chimney,  a source of fascination for many children,  we have created a Dragon Trail. This consists of locating a number of dragons of differing types (including dragonflies) most of which are semi-concealed around the grounds

At Easter this will be about finding the ‘dragon eggs’ but the Trail will exist all through the year givng purpose to exploring the grounds. There is an easy pictorial guide or a more advanced clue guide and children stand to earn a special badge and fun-size chocolate dragon.

Here are a few of the more obvious examples: