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Griffin Lodge – Part III (do scroll down to Parts I & II !)

Now the en suite bathrooms…

Lined with granite sourced in India. This has a digital drench shower over the bath.

This bathroom has a different colour granite but the same sort of drench shower over the bath.

This has a spacious marble lined shower (no bath)

And this one has a even more spacious marble lined chandeliered shower. Party time?!

Griffin Lodge – Part II

We published images of the reception areas earlier in the month and are now catching up with pictures of the bedrooms ……

This room is in the 17th century part of the house with original wide oak floorboards. It takes inspiration from ‘the road to Samarkand’. That is,  we acquired the silk embroidered bedspread in Uzbeksitan and the hand-painted ceiling refects Uzbeki motifs. Vintage photographs and intricate watercolours of Uzbeki culture have found their way onto the walls. The windows are fitted with black-out blinds and curtains of embroidered Indian silk..

In this 17th century room, we started with the beautiful Chinese screen.  That dictated the rest. The bathroom has a good sized drench shower but, for fun and decadence, we installed a bath in the bedroom . The windows are fitted with black out blinds and curtains of embroidered Indian silk.

The accessible ground floor 17th century bedroom (which can operate as a twin or superking) overlooks the garden on two sides. We’ve used blues and greens to  reflect its name as ‘the Garden Room.’  Parquet floor and curtains / bedspread of Indian crewel work.

This is in the new (rebuilt) extension and the colour scheme revolves aroud the ‘distressed’ bedhead and wonderful painted chest of drawers. With its white painted floorboards and teal walls, it  somehow smacks slightly of a ship’s cabin.                                                                           The west-facing velux windows are fitted with remotely operated black-out blinds.  Well, this is a one off for sure. The unusual ‘headboard’ was recovered from a Franco Maria Ricci  event. Franco is an Italian art publisher including FMR, an art magazine published in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish for over 27 years – some editions  are in the room.  Twin or superking. The door into the en suite bathroom is Victorian gothic and due to this and pictures of Venice, this room has become known as the Venetian Gothic.                                       The velux windows (on both sides of the room) are fitted with remotely operated black-out blinds.

Salvage Hunters visit

Some of you may be familiar with Salvage Hunters on Freeview Quest?  Well, Drew, Tee and the team descended on Belle Grove to see what could be found and much to our surprise, Drew did manage to identify some desirable stuff, although not at all what we were expecting him to be interested in. Isn’t that always the way. To screen sometime in the Spring.

Griffin Lodge – Part 1

It’s been a long haul but our project, Griffin Lodge, has at last been completed. Unfortunately Nick’s ill health made for considerable delay but we got there.

This post features the open plan living room/dining/kitchen which takes up almost the whole of the ground floor of the extension.  Also the second living room, known as the Retreat, located in the 17th century part of the house.

Both living rooms have fireplaces, large smart televisions, DVD’s, music systems and Amazon Echo ‘Shows’.

Posts to follow will feature bedrooms and bathrooms.

The picture below shows  the spacious tiled  living room furnished with distressed  leather settees and huge contemporary wood burning stove. It opens onto a wide west-facing stone terrace and garden.

We constructed the fire surround from reclaimed materials including a concrete railway sleeper and sections of truck chassis left over from our Africa jaunts. Original painting by Sarah Cannell.

The coffee table is  supposed to be a section of reclaimed aeroplane wing

Unique ten foot hand-made dining table, utilsing long sections of chain-sawed Nigerian hardwood purchased in West Africa by the owners. You won’t come across another one like this.

Table set for supper with the Royal Doulton china.

View into granite-topped hand-made bespoke kitchen. There is also a large American fridge.

The cupboards incorporate strips of reclaimed metal cladding. The rust matches the floor tiles! 

A peep through double-opening doors into the gold painted Retreat. This cosy space takes inspiration from Africa, using items from our personal collections.

The space between the beams was painted by a friend based on designs on the gourd.

Cushions  are made from the famous kuba cloth of Congo

It’s not at all African and we have no idea where the glass ‘The Misty Moon’ sign originated – bue we liked it anyway so up it went!