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Duck House News

At last, a mating pair of mallards appear to have found our ‘floating bird pavilion’!

20140226_113328_resizedWe’re obviously on trend what with the West End farce The Duck House ,     As the Guardian says, to call the MP’s expenses scandal farcical feels like understatement. “When, in 2009, we discovered what our elected representatives had deemed fit for reimbursement from the public purse – £1,645 for a floating duck house – it seemed as if we’d landed inside a particularly surreal episode of The Thick of It”

Made from a miscellany of objects knocking around the shed, our duck house probably cost more like £10.


a blast from the past…

Isn’t the internet marvellous. The fact that our names are ‘out there’  meant that we were contacted by one of our former Trans-Africa passengers (from 1978) who was looking for accommodation to attend a local wedding last summer.  We were delighted to host him and his wife in The Stable. We hadn’t seen him for 25 years so he was amazed by our evolution from budget Trans-operator to  5* Belle Grove, as well as the transformation of the site & outbuildings which he well remembered in its mucky truck-prep era! Here is what he wrote in the Visitor’s Book… (Click to enlarge)


To get a flavour of his 5 month trip read African Approaches: Roads to a Far-Off Place by Jo – available from Amazon (info on ‘The Book’ page of the website).