Monthly Archives: December 2013

‘A shepherd’s delight?’


It was only last week, before the recent fog and gloom, that Suffolk enjoyed some magnificent sunrises and sunsets.






Bonfire Night

At last I’m getting round to posting a few pics from our annual Bonfire Night ‘do’. As usual, we hosted a  crowd, including lots of Belle Grove guests, who enjoyed warming themselves on the mammoth bonfire, watching the fireworks and sipping mulled wine.



The wine was mulled on the stove of our new ‘shepherd’s hut’. The hut was one of Nick’s famous constructions entirely assembled from reclaimed wood, panelling, corrugated iron and all sorts of other bits and pieces. The idea was that the hut will do duty as a store for summer games equipment such as the croquet set, cricket bat & balls et cetera and as a night time retreat for guests who fancy stargazing. With that in mind the hut is to be equipped with a refracting telescope and lots of star-finding information.